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277 to 1: The Cloning of Dolly
This work refers to the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996 in Scotland which required the extraction of 277 mammary cells from an adult ewe to produce one live cloned offspring. See the Project History page for how I became interested in cloning, and for factual information about Dolly and the cloning process as well as related ethical issues.


This installation was designed for the Wellfleet Public Library and shown in 2004.  However, it has many possible configurations for other spaces.

248 embryos (blue) died after extraction but before fertilization

16 of the surviving embryos were not successfully implanted in the surrogate mother ewes.

Of the remaining 13 that were successfully implanted, only 1 resulted in a live, healthy offspring.

Dolly as an adult ewe.  She was born in 1996, made public in 1997, and died at age 6 in 2002.


While Shepherds Watched (Version 2) Installation at the Wellfleet Public Library, December 2004 This is a grid of images suggesting a rolling landscape. About 100 portraits of dozens of different sheep breeds form the hills, and the sky is made from 50 pages of printed text listing the names of about 125 distinct breeds. All of the pages are tied together with wool yarn, a yarn fringe hangs from the bottom, and the piece is hung from a wooden rod at the top with loops of yarn.Overall piece approximately 72" h x 108" w

While Shepherds Watched (Version I) Installed at the Historic Newport Congregational Church as part of the Visions 2002 Invitational Exhibition.

Overall size is 6 feet high by 15 feet wide. Inkjet prints on paper, fabric, stitching, circuit boards, plastic lawn sheep, and back lights.